RV and Boat Storage

Why Indoor Storage?

The four seasons all have different effects that deteriorate the looks and mechanical condition of your equipment.

Summer equals Heat and the UV Rays are extremely harmful to exterior finishes as well as upholstery.

Fall brings those pesky leaves that fall on your equipment and with a little moisture creates a molding or mildew effect to whatever they may fall on.

Winter brings freezing temperatures that can damage engines, cracking of plastic lines and moisture that tends to permeate into everything.

Spring brings those warm days and cool moist nights which create humidity that causes mold and mildew. This is the reason your equipment should be stored indoors year-round.

The Solution?

When you make the investment of indoor storage these weather issues go away and when you store with us, the headaches of washing and parking are all taken care of. So your return on your investment is more time with the family enjoying the toys. And when you go to upgrade you will sell the equipment for more dollars then if the equipment was stored outside in the elements.

When it comes to storing RVs, boats, and trailers or vehicles of any kind, parking your prized possession is crucial. It is easy to navigate into and out of our location on the corner of Hwy-449 and State Park Road, only minutes away from Dale Hollow Lake State Park. 

Storage For Every Budget.

We offer Indoor Storage and Outside parking. With our location at 4580 Modoc Rd. in Burkesville, Kentucky. With over 4800 sq. ft. of indoor storage with 24 hr. accessibility, as well as 5 plus acres of outside parking.

Affordable Indoor Storage. 

Heated indoor storage facility is an affordable choice for storing your boat, Motorhome, Camper, (Horse) Trailer or (Classic) Car. We can accommodate almost anything of any size. Indoor storage is only $44.00 per linier ft. per year. NO REFUNDS.

Affordable Outside parking.

Outside parking is an affordable choice for parking your boat, RV or trailers. We can accommodate anything of any size. Outside parking is only $35.00 per month for 40 ft. and under. Spaces are large enough to accommodate any RV, boat or trailer. NO REFUNDS.

Guests who are staying at the Hidden Cave Ranch can park their boat for free.


Surveillance equipment is monitoring your possession,  24 Hours a day – 365 days a year. You can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe.

How we are monitoring your equipment 

  • 24-hour state-of-the-art digital video surveillance.
  • Motion sensors capture any activity on the premises.
  • Plenty of bright lights allowing all cameras a clear view.
  • Securely fenced yard.
  • Remote keyless entry for quick access.

Valet Service.

We deliver and set-up your Motorhome or (5th wheel) camper at Dale Hollow Lake State Park Campground for only $35.00 We will turn your fridge and your AC on too.

We’ll pick it up and take it back to our storage for $35.00 (Empty waste water tank is $10.00 extra)

Email us for availability.