Full Service Indoor Heated Storage


  RV Service. 

 Incoming Services:

  • Dump grey & black water
  • Back flush & add chemicals
  • Dump fresh water tank
  • Unit parked inside
  • Turn off batteries
  • Open fridge & freezer
  • Turn off propane
  • Open vent for circulation

Outgoing Services:

  • Turn on batteries
  • Start fridge & freezer
  • Close vents
  • Check tire PSI & fill if needed
  • Fill fresh water to specified amount
  • Park RV in our pick-up yard

Boat Service.

Incoming Services:

  • Shutdown batteries
  • Unit parked inside
  • Cover for long-term storage

Outgoing Services:

  • Take off cover
  • Check tire psi and fill if needed
  • Check the battery
  • Visual safety check
  • Park boat in our pick-up yard

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